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Our Brief


OkDenWhat (ODW) is an online vintage clothes store that was started by three friends in Leicester. Utilising platforms like Depop and Ebay, ODW sources and sells 80’s and 90’s clothing. The ODW team were looking for a logo that would pay homage to the last few decades and give them a retro vibe to help differentiate in their market. We were already excited!


Our Method


Every project and every client always starts with a discovery meeting. In this meeting, we sit down with the client and learn as much as we can about their hopes, dreams, aspirations, business goals and at the core of it all: their purpose. The ODW team are all late 90’s babies and so tapping into the 80’s and 90’s was a little bit difficult for them, luckily they came armed with a heap of their clothes for inspiration and examples of Nike & Champion campaigns from the 90’s too. We were all students of the era again and were able to take away some brilliant concepts to work with.

Our design team, led by Milan, got to work on the ODW brand. We created a strong new logo that played on the bright colours of the 80’s and the raves of the 90’s. We wanted to still give the brand a modern look, whilst paying homage to the fast decades. The ODW team loved it and felt that they could really carry the brand through their product imagery and styling.


Our Results


We won’t do too much talking here as we encourage you to take a look at the images below for the final product!




Logo Creation


Milan Bhavsar