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Meet & Engage

Meet and Engage launched in 2015, combining the expertise of the founders in employer branding and recruitment technology to create a compelling idea that fills a gap in the recruitment market. This one-of-a-kind business model offers innovative recruitment and onboarding tools and software to businesses such as Diageo, Sainsbury’s and Amazon. Meet and Engage are keen to drive new business both in the UK and abroad, with a focus on the US. After studying and learning about their innovation, we were incredibly eager to get started!


Every project begins with a discovery meeting. During this meeting, we learn about the clients and learn as much as we can about their hopes, missions and overall business vision, but importantly: their purpose. In this case, we identified that they have an established marketing function, who required expert support with their LinkedIn and other paid social ads. That is where our experience came in handy for Meet and Engage. We discussed long term and short term goals with the Meet and Engage which highlighted the following:

  • Increase in demos/enquiries
  • Increased brand awareness in new markets
  • Downloads of their whitepaper
  • Webinar sign-ups

Our task going forward was to combine our knowledge and experience with the work that the Meet and Engage team had done to amplify the results. The Jetpack team looked to create a lead generation ad to promote the webinars and whitepaper. We also used traffic campaigns for the “book a demo’ and tweaked the audiences for each of these to maximise results. By implementing the LinkedIn Insight Tag we secured the ability to track all activity.


Our first-month results have been incredibly encouraging and seeing as we’ve been in a lockdown and with Q4 being generally quiet for B2B, this has given us great confidence for the year ahead.


We’ve highlighted some key stats that we were able to improve on M&E’s original campaign metrics. Have a look for yourself at the ad campaigns and the results!




Paid Social Ads


Rahoul Naik