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Georgia's Coffee Spot Portfolio 2

Georgia’s Coffee Spot

Our Brief


Georgia’s Coffee Spot is a boutique coffee house based in Ipswich. The client had specified that they were looking to achieve a chic aesthetic through their branding which emphasised on reflecting their community in Ipswich, with strong influences of the British countryside.


Our Method


Every project and every client always starts with a discovery meeting where we essentially sit down with the client and learn as much as we can about their hopes, dreams, aspirations, business goals and at the core of it all: their purpose. Georgia’s approachable and friendly nature came off straight away and she was incredibly articulate in describing her dream brand to us. Jumping on to words such as ‘chic’, ‘homely’, ‘warm’ and ‘relaxed’ we knew exactly where to take this brand to give Georgia just what she wanted.

We really looked to play on the East Anglian countryise theme and utilise the idea of fresh, pastel colours (just like the expansive fields and the sea) to bring Georgia’s brand to life on paper. We presented our ideas to Georgia and after a few tweaks to our initial designs we were able to reach our goal of creating something to help Georgia stand out in a crowded town centre.


Our Results


This was one of our first branding projects and we are super proud of how it came together. Take a look at the images below!


Georgia's Coffee Spot




Milan Bhavsar