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Our Brief


BazaarLook is an online marketplace for South Asian clothing such as sarees, lenghas and wedding accessories. The BL team approached us looking for a fresh take on their logo and branding in the run-up to the release of their new platform. The team made it clear that bringing out the South Asian culture in a modern way was the key to their brand and wanted a visual representation of the same thing. The BL team gave us a huge berth in terms of ideas and allowed lots of flexibility which let our design team play around with a number of ideas.


Our Method


Every project and every client always starts with a discovery meeting where we essentially sit down with the client and learn as much as we can about their hopes, dreams, aspirations, business goals and at the core of it all: their purpose. This already helps us build a rich image of the direction the client is going in and how we can deliver something that fits just right. With all the information we needed, our designers came up with a number of iterations of a potential logo and branding for BazaarLook. We presented these ideas in a number of forms to the BL team to their delight and we decided to fine-tune a couple of ideas to get it to a place where we were all satisfied that it would represent the brand well.


Our Results


We won’t do too much talking here but take a look at the images below for the final product!




Milan Bhavsar

Rahoul Naik

Orhan Ahmed