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June's Monthly Roundup brings us the dramas of what is happening at the Euros to the ASA taking firm action against rule-breaking influencers.    Let’s get into it!   Cristiano Ronaldo Prefers Water   Coca Cola or Water?   At least we know what Cristiano Ronaldo would pick.    If you didn’t see the news, the Portuguese forward made it

If you are interested in running LinkedIn ads, know that we've got you covered!   But before you start, it’s important to consider these 5 aspects.   How much does it cost to run LinkedIn ads? LinkedIn ads can be quite expensive when compared to other social media platforms.   On average, Facebook’s cost-per-click (CPC) is $1.72.

Content marketing is the process of using media and content to deliver a message for your business. The way people produce and consume content has evolved, and continues to change constantly, still.    The Power In Your Fingertips With the rapid changes we’ve seen in digital media, everyone has the tools and ability

Have you ever wondered why you shop where you shop? What exactly makes us want to buy products from a particular brand? Let’s take a closer look at Waitrose and how they managed to transform customer behaviour during the UK recession in 2009.    Customer Perception and Customer Behaviour   Waitrose was being damaged

With 2020 being as chaotic a year as it has been, some of that uncertainty is certainly not completely behind us yet. The spread of Covid-19 across the UK has forced brands to rethink the way they approach their business and the way that they engage with their customers. With