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5 Ways To Identify Authentic Marketing To Implement Into Your Business

Authentic marketing is a key pillar in any successful marketing strategy.  In its most raw form, it is when brands aren’t afraid to use transparency and truth to draw real connections with their customers. It is common to have brands that act and operate one way offline whilst their online efforts are completely different. Consumers and clients can often see through this, especially Millennials and Gen- Z as they have become more conscious with movements, trends and hashtags highlighting what brands do. Here are 5 ways to identify authentic marketing to help!



1. Identify sincerity within their business goals 


Being authentic and transparent requires occasional re-evaluation and possible adjustments to how we live and work. Has the brand received criticism or any feedback? Did they welcome it and adjust where possible? It is important for a brand to show consistency in growth and acknowledgment. This can help them reach their goals and allow the audience to trust them.

One of the brands that do this the best is Dove. They have consistently shown that they are body positive and have worked towards creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence for women. Their goal is to inspire women and girls and make them feel more comfortable and confident with themselves. With every marketing campaign Dove puts out, body positivity and diversity is at the forefront of the messaging with the use of a wide range of body types and people of different backgrounds.


2. Who are they targeting?


Brands should first identify who their target audience is and create subgroups. There are some key questions you have to ask in order to know if the audience has been considered when authentic marketing is said to be used, as it shows good communication and representation. Some of those questions are; 

Have these groups been represented?

Have the messages been consistent with including them? 

Is the message clear and well researched? 

Chobani, a yogurt company from America, is a brand that knows who it is marketing to. They have aligned themselves with sustainable production and market to consumers who are equally as conscious of the negative ramifications of mass production as they are. As such they produce their products in a sustainable manner and showcase their research and constant efforts.


3. Originality vs following the crowd.


The message is also a representation of the brand and as such it is vital to be as original as possible. The message should be unique and not resemble other brands works. Ask yourself this: 

Have I seen this exact message before? 

Have they been consistent leading up to this message/will they continue to be? 


These are important as there is a thin line between marketing something in a way as though it is a trend and marketing something authentically because you believe in the message.


However, authenticity does not try to be something it’s not. It should be stripped to the most important points. The brand must remove all unnecessary excess and be clear with its message. That’s where authentic marketing comes in, not by inventing a new concept, but by revisiting an existing one but doing it in your own personal, original way. 



An example of this is within our own brand, at Jetpack Marketing we support those from all backgrounds. As it is currently pride month we have taken the message and made it our own with our Jetpack symbol reflecting the rainbow colours.


4. Identify the Integrity 


Actively supporting others with the same message shows authenticity. More so than a brand, influencer marketing has become popular for Gen-Z as they use social media and trends most.

However, when an influencer markets products they do not believe in or use, it is picked up by the influencer’s fans. This is something that should be avoided as it can have bad consequences for both the company and the influencer. Brands should align themselves with creatives and people in the public eye that aligns with their morals and values as it can only help them.


5. Listen, Listen, Listen!


In order for a brand to do well, it must show it is authentic by being relatable and show it listens. A brand must have a human touch in order for people to feel connected to it. Research is important in authenticity. It is essentially ‘listening’ and brands who listen usually end up on top.


To conclude, it is important to ensure their marketing is well researched and consistent in order to be deemed authentic. It is obvious to people when marketing tactics are disingenuous. Conveying authenticity in the content will complement the other marketing efforts, make the brand stand out against the others, and show the key audience exactly who the brand is.

To find out more about authentic marketing, drop us an email at hello@jetpackmarketing.com!

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