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5 Content Marketing Ideas To Implement Today

Struggling to create new content marketing ideas? Is your boss shooting down your fun new ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 


Creating new content marketing ideas can seem daunting in a new lockdown world where we consume content faster than the Cheetos that are laying beside your desk. How you compete with the big brands or even competitors who have a head start can seem difficult, but we’ve got some killer ideas to get you started! 


In The Food Industry?


A little goes a long way when it comes to food. We already know that pretty pictures of your food will go a long way on the ‘gram. We love to eat with our eyes before we even dig our fork into the food and feeding this ‘obsession’ is one way to find some success on social media. 


But we can go one step further, we can reuse and recycle content in various formats that not only saves time but means you can create 4 or 5 bits of content at the same time and look like an absolute genius to everyone else. 


Here’s an example! 


Say you’re writing a recipe blog for one of your new dishes. That’s a really good place to start, and the content will definitely be well received but go one step further and actually make the dish. You will probably need the pictures for the recipe so what’s the harm? 


As you make the dish, pause at various intervals to shoot an IG reel or TikTok. Perhaps you want to show how you chop a vegetable or sift flour, this is all additional content that you can break down from the one recipe. 


People love Behind The Scenes (BTS) content as it gives them the feeling of being an ‘insider’. Be sure to play to this by giving your followers a look into how your shots are set-up, the mishaps and funny bloopers in between. Adding this personality to your brand will work wonders for retention and awareness. 


No matter what piece of content you’re making, don’t consider it in isolation. If you think about the bigger picture, you will find quick hacks to speed up your content!

Making Tech Sexy?


Content marketing within the tech industry is by FAR the most efficient and productive way of marketing to your target audience and generating leads. From Whitepapers to gated blogs, webinars to podcasts, this is where you should be spending a lot of your time. 


But how do you make it sexy and extra effective? Master the art of becoming a thought leader. 


No matter if you are selling a SaaS product or selling cybersecurity, you want to build trust and respect from your target audience. So much so that your name becomes synonymous with your product, think of Blu-Tac. 


We always recommend starting with what you know most about your product. If you can show in granular detail the nuts and bolts of your product, you tick the ‘technical’ aspect really quickly. 


Then, your job is to make it relatable to your target market’s day-to-day problems. Are the current solutions too expensive? Convoluted? Full of jargon? Address that head-on and show how you are different. 


Focus on establishing your credibility in the market and watch customers flock to hear you talk and help them!

Trying To Stay En Vogue?


If you sell clothes or shoes, your content marketing needs to straddle two fronts. The first being product-based and the second being trend based. 


Nobody wants to buy from an ‘untrendy’ brand or store. You need to show that not only are your products the most stylish and best quality but you’ve taken the latest trends into account to make them en vogue.


Idea or Style guides are a great way to get both product and trend related topics and keywords into the same piece. Customers are often searching for full outfits or items they can pair with their favourite Gucci top or Levi jeans. By giving a breakdown of how a customer can wear/style your products whilst following the latest trends will reinforce your message and make your blog a hotspot for fashionistas. 


Just like food, fashion is a visual sector and so you need to be embracing new media including Instagram Reels and TIkToks to give your product context, show it off on a model and portray an authentic brand personality. 

Image courtesy of Youtube: TikTok Compilations

Looking For The Perfect Match?


Recruitment is one of the hardest industries to be in. You’re constantly balancing businesses and their expectations and potential employees who come with ambitions, dreams and reliance on you to get them through the door. One key challenge is how do you appeal to both sets of stakeholders through content marketing.


Linkedin is probably where you spend the majority of your time and so creating content that sits natively within the Linkedin feed is going to give you the best results. Think about studies, charts, flows and processes that you can turn into eye-catching infographics that will stop that scroll. 


This could be things like ‘5 things to consider when applying for a new job’ or ‘3 considerations you need to make when hiring for a new role’. In this, you are able to provide value in a quick and concise way that will help you stand out but also show your expertise. 


Understanding the market and latest trends will hold you in good stead, especially if you can give your angle or perspective on a news topic or a recent study. This will add a more human touch to your brand and also build trust within the market. Look out for the quirks and differences in the process of hiring between industries and countries so you can pass this wisdom down to clients and potential recruits. 

Table For 2?


The hospitality industry has taken a real beating over the last 12 months. COVID has rendered many of the events that were planned impossible to run and a whole year of celebrations have had to be pushed back 12-18 months. 


Although many hospitality businesses might not be able to operate at the level they would like, there is still a need to stay in front of your customers, stay positive and optimistic for the future and build relationships during turbulent times. 


Use the previous events you’ve had to #throwback to the good times and showcase your expertise whether it is organising events, catering or creating unique experiences. We have seen a number of great content ideas come from wedding planners who have turned their social pages and blogs into inspiration portfolios for brides-to-be to get ideas for their big day. 


This is a fantastic way to use the forced downtime to boost your brand, creating value for your clients and make sure they come flocking back to you when we can have events again!  


This is by no means an exhaustive list of the kind of content you can create for your business but a headstart and ideas for you to riff off and find your brand’s voice within the clutter and noise online. 


We love creating content for our clients and bringing their brand to life. If you’d like to know more about how we can help your brand thrive, get in touch with us today! 

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