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Is Your Business Ready For Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is where the marketing industry meets the gaming industry. AR is the new kid on the marketing block, the use of augmented reality to showcase products has been a big hit amongst consumers. AR can be used to showcase products such as make-up, allowing customers to try on any shade with the touch of a button, allow customers to test drive cars and even giving consumers virtual tours of their favourite venues. AR is a completely virtual experience, which gives consumers a chance to try products and gain a realistic insight into how they will be. 


So why have they been so successful? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons AR marketing does so well while exploring some of the champions of the game!



AR campaigns are fun!



AR campaigns have an undeniable sense of fun! Consumers can often gain pleasure from the experience of trying out products virtually. Makeup enthusiasts would be more than excited to spend time trying the newest lipsticks, without the use of even one makeup wipe! Or picture test driving the newest Ford creation….from your sofa at home!


AR offers the notion of a free trial or a free sample, but virtually. We all love the word ‘free’ and after trying products, gaining pleasure from the experience, it’s fair to argue that consumers are more likely to buy the product! 


The BMW visualiser campaign is a great example of this:


The campaign shows the couple having fun designing their own custom car using the BMW visualiser AR tool, which leads them to purchase the real product. Hat’s off to BMW for this great AR campaign.



AR Allows Realistic Visualisation



AR is really focussed on the notion of ‘try before you buy’ – and this is exactly what it allows. Consumers often shy away from completing that purchase due because they’re unsure how the product will look on them or in their home. AR is the bridge between the consumer and the product. Using AR, you can be sure about whether or not you can pull off that jumper, or if that rug would suit your living room. 


A great example of this at work is the #PutATreeOnIt IKEA campaign from 2017. Perfect for December, IKEA allowed their customers to try out their Christmas trees in order to visualise the perfect tree for their home. 


Check it out here:



AR Creates Buzz!



Now AR is not always just used for trying out products, it can be used to raise awareness of your brand and your products. They can be used to grip and excite your customers, they can be used to be interactive and clever.

This 2014 AR campaign from Pepsi MAX does just that:


Watch as everyday commuters have a shocking experience, while simply waiting for the bus. This campaign is so well thought out, the use of the bus-stop as an everyday scene, the AR figures giving that excitement to consumers raises so much buzz for the Pepsi brand!

So there you have it, folks! AR is an excellent marketing tool to create a fun, valuable experience for your customers. A great way to give out a free trial, with no loss of actual product, a great way to create buzz and talk around your brand. What are your favourite campaigns?

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