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3 Reasons Tik Tok Is An Essential Marketing Tool

Perhaps one of the greatest phenomenons to come out of a year full with global lockdowns is TikTok. With its stable release occurring just this March, the Chinese app has been a worldwide success in a very short space of time. It has captured the attention of youngsters all over the world, with the most famous person on the app being just a 16-year-old girl! It’s also an amazing platform for marketing, many companies are using it to advertise their products, attract a following and make more profit. And so, in this blog post, we’ll be highlighting three reasons why TikTok may be beneficial to your business.



A Teen Large Audience



If your brand is reaching out to a younger audience, from teenagers to younger adults then chances are they use or know of TikTok. It has a huge young following, with over 66% over their users being under the age of 40 years old. And a similar percentage of users are females. This means TikTok is great for clothing brands, makeup brands, skincare and haircare companies who typically target this demographic.


This does not, however, mean you should count TikTok out if your core audience is a little bit older as the growth in users and interest has meant that the platform has a similar spread in age demographics to Instagram. Plus, young people also shop for their parents as much as for themselves. 



Big Emphasis on UGC



TikTok thrives off UGC (User Generated Content) meaning it’s popular because of ordinary users creating their own content. We believe that this would be really great, organic marketing especially for smaller businesses, like small restaurants, who could film a short dining experience or perhaps businesses who create their items and wish to show the process of how they make put together orders, or even certain service providers who want to highlight the work they do. TikTok has given us a behind the scenes look at everyday businesses, an example could be @thepoolguyml on TikTok – this user is a normal, everyday pool cleaner but has racked up tens of thousands of followers simply for showing how he cleans swimming pools. 



Influencer Galore



Studies have shown that social media influencers can have a huge impact on small businesses and really drive sales. TikTok influencers are no different, again if you are targeting young people, it’s worth reaching out to an influencer to create a video on your products. However, this would only work if the influencer would typically use your product as a big part of influencer marketing is staying authentic to your audience. Research shows that consumers are more likely to trust influencers reviews of products than traditional celebrities, as they find influencers to be more honest with their reviews.


Another aspect of influencer marketing is allowing the influencer to showcase your product in their way, a way that their followers are familiar with and can relate to. It’s not about using flash camera work, it’s about consistency. The audience is more likely to be interested in creativity and fun rather than amazing quality.


There you have a whistle-stop run down of why TikTok is an incredible place to market your business, a large young audience, a huge emphasis on UGC, and traditional influencer marketing. Why not give it a try for your small business today?

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