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The Release of Jetcast!

Here at Jetpack Marketing, it’s been a very exciting time as we are now 2 episodes deep into our brand new podcast segment: Jetcast! 

A podcast on marketing and business, this is a brand new project we began early this October, our goal being to share our knowledge and thoughts on the latest marketing trends, business news, and to raise awareness of our brand and our amazing clients. We wanted to create an infotainment tone (that’s informative and entertainment) to keep things educational, but also more casual, fresh and chatty. We wanted to share the amazing conversations we’re always having in the office about marketing, our clients, and business as a whole.

We are avid podcast listeners and so the creation of our own one was going to happen sometime! And so, even though the idea was a little daunting as podcasting is uncharted territory for us, we were determined to give it a go! 

The Practical Side of Podcasting

First, the practical side: finding out the equipment we need, the software, and how to edit the podcast itself. After some research on the usual places like Amazon we went with Yeti Logitech mics to record with. A reliable plug and play, we managed to get them at a great price (3 mics for the price of 1) from John Pye. And to edit, we went with Adobe Audition. Editing was a little complex at first, but Audition is made for podcasting, even having a preset with multiple mic channels to record podcasts specifically – which really eased the editing process. As for distribution, we went to Anchor – a platform owned by Spotify specifically designed to distribute to all major platforms, Anchor is a free service and has proved very useful.

What We Learned Along the Way…

But mics and editing aside, Jetcast has taught us much more than just the practical element. Our podcast journey has given us a couple unexpected twists and turns, one of these being the time it takes. We realised it can be a lot more time consuming than we thought, sometimes just 20 minutes of audio can take an hour or more to record – but we also learned that’s okay too! If we’re not happy with the recording, then we can always try again. 

There is also the planning-your-content side of things. We had to research current topics, do our homework on news we wanted to discuss, but also news we could make a good amount of content on. And then there is the matter of scheduling, matching up our schedules, coordinating with our guests which can be quite a job sometimes, but with good planning it can be achieved. 

Jetcast has taught us that podcasting is a very organic way to market yourself – putting yourself behind the mic and having the intimacy of speaking from your own viewpoint and about your own experiences to your listeners is a great way to put yourself and your brand out there. We find with some of our clients, they can often feel nervous in terms of putting themselves in front of the camera or behind the microphone. But having said that, we learned that doing this gives us a chance to reflect on our own selves, what we’ve experienced and how this differs from each other. 

Final Thoughts?

To conclude, Jetcast is our new brand new segment, it’s taught us plenty in these 2 episodes we have recorded. From the practical side to the organizational skills required to plan content and coordinate schedules. Our podcast has been the bridge between us and our audience, and potential clients. On that note, remember to stream us on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts!


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