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Infographics: What’s The Fuss?

Infographics have exploded on digital media platforms as a key tool for communication. They have become staples for presenting information in classrooms, in the workplace and across the web. If you are unfamiliar with how infographics work, look no further. We are going to break down the world of infographics to make it easier for you and your business.


What are they?

Infographics help pack large and complex data into easy visual elements, making it comprehensible. Presenting information in such a way that it compels visitors to spend more time on your site learning, consuming, and understanding information. 


This method of communication can be a very powerful tool to relay information. It allows for a simple and clean delivery of information. By doing so, it can make you appear like an expert in your field. With the added ability to understand how to share critical information in a comprehensible manner. 


How can you use them?

Infographics can narrate stories that have cause and effect relationships. Such devices can be especially useful in explaining the story or functions of a business. For example, it can also deliver information regarding the supply chain in a user-friendly manner. 


The key is to make it attractive and standout. Background colours and fonts should complement each other. In addition, they should be in line with the visual codes of your brand/business. 


Infographics coupled with explanations and description can allow you to dig deeper into the analysis. However, the key information is easily registered through the visual display.


All in all, infographics are a fast and convenient way to relay information. It can boost brand awareness and target key audiences. They also have the ability to go viral if they deliver useful information. Infographics can increase engagement, inform readers, and convert people into regular visitors. 


We have created a simple infographic of Content Marketing Statistics you did not know before. 



At Jetpack Marketing we specialise in creating infographics and relatable content that will drive traffic to your brand. If you would like further help with creating content for your business and managing your digital marketing, get in touch with us today.


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