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The Essential Facebook Shops Guide

It is a well-known fact that Facebook is one of the most used platforms in the world. However, do you know how large it really is? Facebook alone has over 2.6 billion monthly active users. The platform provides a great opportunity for small and large businesses to connect with their customer 24/7. Instagram is the most popular social media platform among young adults. The platform reported over a billion monthly active users. Recently, the platform launched Facebook Shops which has received much attention.


What is Facebook Shops?

It is a mobile shopping experience through which businesses can sell directly through Facebook and Instagram for free. Companies can choose their product offerings, display merchandise as collections, narrate brand stories, and can redirect traffic onto the official website. It is a huge opportunity to expand a brand’s network and cash in through its social network.


Facebook Shops breaks a barrier to entry for small businesses that are not ready or able to afford the brick and mortar setup. For e-commerce retailers, it is a convenient way of applying their social media marketing. The initial motivation behind the concept came from the market disruption caused by COVID-19.

Facebook Shops Example 1

The mobile optimised feature is available on Instagram as well. Through the new feature, users can discover, browse, and purchase products. Allowing customers to encounter new experiences from platforms they use daily. Allowing people to have native shopping experiences on Facebook pages and Instagram profiles.


By enabling companies to customise the layout and colours of the e-shop, businesses can maintain their distinct brand identity. Customers can maximise their experience with the option of full-screen images.

Facebook Shops Example 2Typically moving sales online can be a lengthy and expensive process. Nonetheless, this new addition makes it easier for small businesses to expand their reach effectively. Enabling their transition into the sphere of e-commerce.


Instagram has become a pivotal touchpoint for many businesses in various industries. Customers can view products and collections through the Instagram story. Resultantly, increasing their interaction with the brand, making it more memorable. Increasing the opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.


It is important to note, the Facebook Shop feature can be used for much more than simply buying. It can be used to enhance customer experience by widening the offer, answer questions, providing tracking information, and much more.


The most useful features include:


Tag products within posts

This is a useful feature that meets multiple targets. Firstly, not only does it help with content marketing but it provides the customer with the opportunity to purchase the products within the image. By tagging the features products customers can purchase within a few clicks. Additionally, anyone who comes across the post can also learn about the product in passing.

Facebook Shops Example 2

Increased interaction

Unlike a traditional e-commerce website, customers can leave comments, tag friends, and save the post for later. This can help companies learn about the response to their products. If this is done correctly, companies can improve their social media listening to engage better with customers. This can help maximise exposure to new customers and audiences.


Reduce the steps customers must take to finalise the purchase

By reducing the number of steps, it makes it easier for customers to complete the purchase. By making it as simple as possible, customers are less likely to give up or get bored.


Expand beyond geographical limitations

As we know Facebook ads allow companies to target anyone specified within the defined catchment. Thereby, translating that social media reach into sales, expanding the geographical reach of companies. Consequently, this is useful for businesses that want to test their performance in new geographical locations.


Facebook Shops is the most convenient method of showcasing and selling your product offerings to customers on the most used social media platforms. It provides an incredible opportunity to take advantage of social engagement. Thereby, exposing the brand to the social media network of existing customers.


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