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The Power Of Brand Identity & Personality

The fight for customer attention amongst fast-food chains has shifted from the streets to social media. However, this raises the question, is it worth starting an online one in the name of brand identity? 


We’re not talking about bashing your competition for a few viral tweets. It is rather to inject the brand with a personality that the customer finds relatable and memorable. In this particular case, fast food chains have declared war on their competitors to do just that.  


How Is This Useful For My Brand?

Creating a personality for your brand allows you to have an angle that is unique and lets you stand out. Your brand personality comes out primarily through your brand’s tone of voice. Your tone of voice allows you to approach marketing tactics, product launches and content creation in a unique way. Most importantly, this framework can become a tool through which your customers and audience can easily recognise your brand. 


To be relatable, your brand has to come across as human. Whether you like it or not, consumers know there is probably an agency or a community manager behind your account. By communicating in a human way, this allows for more wholesome interaction. You can create a connection with a wide network of people in the short and long term. By injecting the brand with a buzz, you can transform the brand instantly. 


Remember, consistency is key here.


There are multiple different approaches that can be applied when curating a brand personality. This entirely depends upon the nature of the business. Depending on the purpose, the brand personality can range from informative, emotional to creative and even comical in some cases.


For a more comprehensive analysis of brand personality, we recommend the article by Jennifer Aaker on the “Dimensions of a Brand Personality“. Aaker discusses 5 different dimensions which include Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication, and Ruggedness. Each dimension has its own traits and strengths which are discussed in greater detail. 


The fast-food industry has mastered this technique of creating and maintaining a brand personality. The most notable mentions go to Wendy’s and KFC who never seem to miss the opportunity to engage in a roast.


Below we have discussed two case studies that appear to be friendly and lighthearted online banter.



Wendy’s Vs Burger King – A Lesson In Branding


First, we have Wendy’s which has created a sassy and witty personality which it emulates through its Twitter account. Wendy’s has become an almost legend on Twitter for its ongoing roast of Burger King and their allegedly frozen beef patties. 


The Twittersphere seems to wildly enjoy the activity on Wendy’s account, to which many have demanded a raise for the person running it! The personality embodied by Wendy’s appears to resonate with the millennials through its pop culture references and its ability to speak the language of its audience. 


The snarky comments and ruthless roasts are appreciated because of the relevance to the audience. 


Although this is supposed to be a lesson in brand personality, Wendy’s have also shown us that getting your target audience right and honing in on their interests can seriously pay off.




Next, we have KFC who are usually known for their fierce rivalry with McDonald’s. However, more recently KFC has identified a new target for its online persona, itself. Turning your attention inward may be a viable option to own up faults and thereby make a successful comeback.

Keeping with the example of fast-food chains, KFC became notorious for its dry chips. Through its print and social media campaigns, KFC announced a push towards its current chips range. 


By poking fun at itself, KFC successfully turned its ‘chip haters’ into fans by changing the perception towards the brand along with the product launch. The tongue-in-cheek did not end there as more recently, they continued to laugh at themselves via the Twitter account. 


KFC has been at the top of its game for a while, especially during their chicken fiasco. Their actions on social media have proven that focussing on your brand’s personality can help increase engagement. Regularly bringing out this personality will go a long way in turning haters into lovers of the brand.



If you are looking at new ways to push your brand and curate an image you are proud of, get in touch with us today for a Free Brand Audit!

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