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3 Things You Have To STOP Doing On Social Media Right Now

So you’ve got yourself a social media account and have been posting on there for a while. After all, GaryVee says we must document before we create and focus on the value we create. That being said, we have come across a lot of business accounts that are making simple errors and failing to plan. Something that can be remedied quite quickly at little cost.


Perhaps you are doing one or several of the things below. If so, stop today and follow our remedies to get your social media back on track!


Stop Failing To Plan 

Failing to plan is planning to fail! We know how difficult it is to find time to plan your social media marketing. But without it, you will not be able to reap the true benefits from building a following online.


We swear by our social media calendar. It allows us to plan out a whole month’s content really quickly and easily. We are able to do this whilst maintaining our brand and ensuring everything we publish is at a quality we expect. 


A quick tip to make things easier is giving a theme to each day of the week. For example, use Mondays for motivational posts and focus your sales on a Wednesday. This way you can structure your planning and it becomes so much easier! 


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Stop Avoiding Or Ignoring Bad Feedback

For business, it is easy to think of social media as a one-way broadcast channel. However, in reality it is a two-way system that we have to be ready for at all times. Engagement is the name of the game on social and so you have to expect followers to like, comment and share what you put out. Individuals use social media to rant, rave and discuss basically everything, including your products.


Using your Instagram and Facebook accounts as a powerful listening tool for customers and potential customers is really important. We can very quickly leverage our social listening to respond to and fixing negative comments about your business. We can also use it to be reactive on social and jump on relevant trends.


Let’s say somebody had a bad customer experience or had an issue with a delivery, it is important to respond in a timely manner with a friendly response. On top of that you want to give them an easy action so that you can fix the issue quickly. By doing this, not only are you fixing the issue but showing others that you are constantly on the ball!


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Stop Confusing Your Personal And Business Accounts

Something a business and brand has to decide early on is this point of view it will post from. If you are a big part of your business (your story, your face or experience) then it makes sense to post almost as if it is yourself talking. However, if the brand has no direct relation to you as the owner, it is best to use a tone of voice that reflect the brand and use terms like ‘we’. 


It is best to post professional-looking, quality posts on your brand’s account that is on-brand. This ensures you build a strong brand image on your socials, which will eventually lead to building a community you can sell to!


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So there is a very short but important list of things you have to STOP doing on your social media accounts. If you’d like help with your social media management and want some advice then drop us a message today for more information!

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