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top 3 business gurus

3 Business Profiles You Need To Be Following

The modern ‘Business Coach’ or ‘Business Guru’ is a new-age phenomenon in the age of entrepreneurship.  Many have seen a huge surge in exposure and following since the social media boom. We ourselves have bought into them for their no-nonsense attitude. 


In the spirit of sharing, scroll below for our top 3 business gurus that you need to be following. You can expect daily insights, inspiration and motivation. No matter how far along you are in your business journey. 


Gary Vaynerchuk 


An immigration story we guarantee you will be able to empathise with. The Vaynerchuk’s moved from the Soviet Union to the US, first to New York and eventually to New Jersey. 


From a young age, Gary had been an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. First having a lemonade stand to selling baseball cards, young Gary acquainted himself to business the start. This led him to joining the family business at 14 years old. He worked in his family’s business, growing it considerably and rising to fame with shows such as Wine Library TV. Slowly he became the illustrious personality we now know him for. 


Gary really took to the social media boom and quickly became one of the go-to guys for brand building. More recently, Gary has shown how new platforms like TikTok have real potential for brands. In addition, he was the first to have an ‘audio signature’ across his video and audio content. 


What we love about Gary Vee the most is his nonchalant attitude to the biggest of questions. Gary says how it is and that makes him one of the most real and influential businessmen around.


You can follow him here 



Steven Bartlett


Perhaps one of THE most influential marketing and business leaders of his generation. Steven Bartlett runs one of the world’s biggest social-first marketing agencies Social Chain and a number of subsidiaries too. 


Dropping out of university and living in Moss Side, Manchester, Bartlett and his co founder Dominic created Social Chain. Social Chain was an evolution of the success they had running community pages across Facebook.


Growing a couple of Facebook pages to an international agency with over 700 members of staff takes some exceptional skill.. Bartlett doesn’t just walk the walk, he also talks it too. With a very popular podcast, ‘Diary of a CEO’, Steven takes the time to share his knowledge with budding entrepreneurs. 


What we love about Steven the most is his message and his openness. He talks from the heart and gives a real insight into what its like being a marketing guru. Steve is the whole package and you can follow him here


Steven Bartlett

Neil Patel

A British export, but only just. Neil Patel is one of THE most famous marketing experts on the planet. He received awards from the UN and has accolades that would stack higher than Kanye West’s sneaker collection, Patel had to be in our top three. 


Similar to Gary Vee, Neil was forced to learn to market his business ideas from a young age. Now, Patel is a serial entrepreneur but his most prominent venture to be ‘Neil Patel’, a digital marketing consultancy.


Patel has gained a reputation as being a fantastic teacher, eccentric personality and elaborate speaker. His talks at universities and conferences show his skill and are all available on his site and Youtube channel. 


What makes Patel so special is the time and effort he and his team take to create regular content. It can be fun working for a FTSE 100 company, but the real value lies in helping people like you. SME owners who are adding value to their customers and their communities regularly are essential. 


You can learn more about Neil here

Neil Patel


Want more knowledge and insight on digital marketing and how to generate more traffic and revenue for your business? Follow these guys about and drop us a message to get the show on the road!

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