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Marketing Plan 2020

5 Things Your Marketing Plan NEEDS For 2020!

A new year brings lots of hope and excitement when running a business. New customers, new possibilities and more importantly, new strategies are all on the horizon. For those still in the process of preparing your marketing plan, this blog is just for you.


To make things a little bit easier, scroll drown for our guide on the 5 key elements you need to include in your marketing plan for 2020.


Utilise Relevant National Holidays


National holidays such as Easter, Christmas and bank holidays are peak periods for a number of businesses. They also provide an opportunity to help put your product or service into the context of the holiday *cue all the Christmas adverts*. Creating a calendar for your website content and social media platforms will allow you to actively plan for and make the most out of these holiday periods. Planning ahead gives you a chance to put yourself and your business right in the middle of the conversation. 


As well as the currently well-known and ‘recognised’ national holidays, there are also many newly introduced ‘holidays’. These span across a number of industries and will be key for you and your business. Besides the big boys like Black Friday and Singles Day, there are a number of others you need to be planning and plotting to attack in the coming year. 


A great example would be the month we are currently in, ‘Veganuary’.  A number of brands have introduced new products or boasted their current ranges to help promote veganism and be a part of the conversation around animal welfare, health and the environment. In the same breath, days such as ‘International Gin & Tonic day’ will be really important for bars, restaurants and gin brands to gain exposure and latch into a conversation already happening in front of them. 


For a full list of national holidays, click here


Social Calendar

Get Personal


It may feel as though ‘personalisation’ is a buzzword us marketers like to use, or perhaps overuse. However, it has never been more relevant than going into the new decade and we will tell you why.


Your customers want to feel like they have a 1-2-1 relationship with you and your brand. There is no getting away from it. We are selfish creatures and want our relationship to be the best, the most open and honest. Lucky for you, there are a number of ways you can make them feel special without breaking the bank.


It starts with the content you produce. Good content needs to speak to your target audience on a persona level. We want to show gin lovers, our best gin products or whisky drinker, our newest whiskies. Taking the time to segment your audience and create content specifically for them will help nurture these relationship.


This is more than just putting a quick [FNAME] in an email, it needs to run through your strategy at every touchpoint possible. 



Creative Marketing Is Key


We recently shared an article from Andrew Geoghegan, Consumer Planning Director at Diageo, on the slow disappearance of creativity from the marketing field. He spoke about businesses being too entrenched in data and AI without looking for the creative flair that will give them a true edge on the competition. 


Whether it is your tone, copy or branding you need make sure your personality bursts through. Think about how you may utilise Instagram Stories or Linkedin Video to get the most out of your social media plan and hit your consumers directly. Consider switching up your Instagram strategy so you are sharing more of your creative thoughts and ideas to potential customers. Even better, get them involved in your creative process!


Creativity doesn’t just have to be words and pictures, you can be creative in your strategy, creative in your delivery and creative in the angle you give yourself when talking about hot topics. Live by the mantra that ‘nothing is too crazy’. 


Creativity is Key

Listen And Learn


Often we forget to add feedback into our strategy and think we know absolutely everything that is going to happen in the next 12 months. If only that was even a little bit true! (Edit: this sentence aged well, April 2020)


It is important that your marketing strategy makes time and space for feedback  your customers world is constantly evolving and changing. 


Perhaps your text posts get little engagement compared videos. Maybe you are seeing no uplift from a certain creative. If you consistently analyse, listen and learn then you will be able to evolve your marketing actions just as quickly as a customer can change their mind. 


Going one step further, you can regularly judge your customers’ view on your brand through surveys. Use this data to churn out the best possible content regularly and stay ahead of the curve. 


Listen And learn


Don’t Lose Sight Of The Business Plan


Marketing plans are never done in isolation, they are a large piece of a larger puzzle. That puzzle includes your operations, finance, legal and more! You have to make sure that your marketing strategy is singing from the same hymn sheet, if not taking direction directly from your business plan. 


If your business plan stipulates that you have £500 a month to spend on marketing activity, then your strategy must be inline with the budget and not looking to start a nationwide OOH campaign.


Sometimes we think we can run but in reality, we have to walk for the sake of the rest of the business. This isn’t an easy thing to come to terms with but, the quicker you do, the smoother your process becomes.


Hopefully, we’ve given you some useful information on what to make sure you include in your marketing strategy for 2020 and also what not to do too much of. If you would like any more information or help on your marketing strategy for 2020 then feel free to drop us an email or message today! 

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